This section was created since a lot of friends come to Buenos Aires (BA) and ask for advice about places to visit, bars for drinks or dancing clubs. Although there are hundreds of things to do, these are our day and night recommendations, we hope you enjoy it.

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During the Day

Caminito (La Boca)

It is a classic program for tourists and a historical street of the city. It combines the world of tango, football, and the traditional colored houses, making an atmosphere of an artistic and cozy place.

San Telmo
This place is one of the most historic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. During the weekends, in the main park there is a fair where old furniture and handcrafts can be bought. To get there you can take the 152 Bus and get off at “Paseo Colon Avenue” and “Belgrano Avenue”. Then, walk up through Belgrano and turn left in any of the first blocks.

Puerto Madero
It is the newest neighborhood of the city, and one of my favorites. It is modern, but on the other side it combines the historic “docks” and some old stuff. If I had to choose my first place of Buenos Aires to visit, I would choose this one. More information is available at:

Casa Rosada – Plaza de Mayo – Cabildo – Catedral
This area of the city is where the main Government Buildings and Banks are. It also looks historic in some way. There are tourist visits to the “Cabildo” (our pretty old Government house) and the “Casa Rosada”, the President’s working place. There are many buses to get there. You can also take the subway and make a combination to get to “Catedral”, or “Lima” or “Bolivar” stations. See more about the subway at:

Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay)
Colonia is a small town on the other side of the River Plate, in Uruguay. The place is very nice, historical and amazing for taking pictures . Actually, it looks a lot like “San Telmo”, but by the river. The trip over there takes one day, and you can afford that by taking a ship of “Buquebus” company (the terminal is located in “Puerto Madero”). The prices start around 100 pesos for a round trip. For more information about the tickets visit:

Teatro Colon
This is the main theatre of Buenos Aires, and one of the best worldwide. It is over a hundred years old but the theatre, the art and the acoustic are amazing. There are guide tours of about one hour. More information at:

This is the most European neighborhood of Buenos Aires, it has a fashionable streets and avenue, with shops and a shopping mall, “Patio Bullrich”, and nice buildings for embassies. It is specially recommended to visit the Cemetery and the Recoletas Park which are located at the beginning of the Alvear´s Avenue, next to the Recoleta´s Cultural Centre and the “Buenos Aires Design”. More info: and

Bosques de Palermo
It is a huge park in Palermo neighborhood with varied vegetations and two large lakes. There is also the “Planetario”, Tennis Clubs and places to eat. More info:

In the northern suburbs of the city, next to the river, “Tigre” is a place where people getway during the weekends. I has very nice canals, rowing clubs and a amusement park: “Parque de la Costa”, which is in the last station from the “Tren de la costa” ( We specially recommend to take a motor boat for short ride and visit the port of fruits. To get there from downtown you can take a public train ( which leaves ends at the “Tigre” station.


Museums and Special places

Jenny-El Ateneo at the Grand Splendid
Av. Santa Fe 1860
It used to be an old theatre of Buenos Aires, and now it has been restored as great bookstore.

MNBA (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes)
Av. Del Libertador 1473, Palermo
It is the main Art Museum of the city and the Country. There are paintings not only from Argentine artists, but Latin American and European as well. More information:

Malba (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires)
Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo
It is a modern museum which hosts the personal collection property of an important Argentine businessman. It usually has special expositions. More information:


Extra Programs

Boca Juniors matches
Tickets at Ticketek

Tango shows
El Viejo Almacén

As soon as I can I will post the restaurants or any place to have a meal. Thanks to Sebastian and Kyle for the pictures of this section.


At Night

The Kilkenny
Marcelo T. de Alvear 399
It is one the most classic Irish pubs of Buenos Aires, and of the city. Music: Classic Rock & Pop. It is right on the corner of Marcel T. de Alvear and Reconquista Street. You will also find more Irish pubs on Reconquista Street.

The Shamrock
Rodríguez Peña 1220
Another Irish pub, but not that traditional, because it doesn’t look so Irish. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays there is dancing too.

Av. Santa Fe 3651
It is a classic bar, quite spacey and well decorated. Most of the people are students or recently graduated. On Fridays and Saturdays you can dance. The music is even better when I play in it =)

Soul Café
Baez 246
It is one of my favorites, and the one I would choose from “Las Cañitas” (the area where it is located). It looks, modern, funky, and in some way, seventy. The music is mainly House and Funk.

Honduras 5602
Classic of the classics in “Palermo Hollywood” area. It is small and cozy and it has great drinks. Music: Classic Rock & Pop. Over this Honduras street you can find some more interesting bars.


Saturdays Dancing

Mint Club Lounge
Av. Costanera Norte and Av. Sarmiento, Complejo Punta Carrazco
Pop House in the main dance floor and Latin/Classic 80´s & 90`s in the outside.

Opera Bay
Cecilia Grierson 225, Puerto Madero
Pop House and Classic 80´s & 90`s (there are more than two dance floors)

Marcelino Freire S/N, Paseo de la Infanta
House Progressive only


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